Books & Publications


EDITOR Kinfolk Magazine, from February 2016

AUTHOR Movable Structure: Floating Cities and the Ideologies of Utopia. Andperseand Press, forthcoming.

EDITOR Contemporary Danish Illustration. Arvinius + Orfeus Press, forthcoming.

EDITOR Remaking the Architecture of the Welfare State. Arvinius + Orfeus Press, 2015.

EDITOR Contemporary Sami Art and Design. Arvinius + Orfeus Press, 2015.

AUTHOR/EDITOR Office for Peripheral Architecture. Arvinius + Orfeus Press, 2014.

AUTHOR/EDITOR The Thread-Wrapping Machine. Arvinius + Orfeus Press, 2014.

EDITOR Palmar Kristmundsson Arkitekt. Arvinius + Orfeus Press, 2014.

AUTHOR Contemporary Sami Art and Design. Arvinius + Orfeus Press, 2014.

AUTHOR/EDITOR Dark Architecture. With contributions from Hans Ibelings and Hugo Lauritz Jenssen. Arvinius + Orfeus Press, 2013.

AUTHOR/EDITOR Visioner av Nuet with Anna Lundh. With contributions from Rosi Braidotti, Julie Martin, Sanne Krogh Groth, Laurel Ptak and Lars-Gunnar Bodin. Stockholm Festival for Art and Technology, 2013. Design by Konst & Teknik.

EDITOR Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery, by Inger Wästberg. Arvinius + Orfeus Press, 2013. Design by Parasto Backman.

CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR Behind the Scenes: Stories from the Design Industry, by Hanna Nova Beatrice, Marcus Fairs, Johanna Agerman Ross, Max Fraser, Marco Velardi, Anna Bates, Joseph Grima, Daniel Golling, and Julie Cirelli. Chapter: The Designer as Producer, Arvinius Förlag, 2013. 

AUTHOR Graupunkt: Photography of Frode & Marcus, Libraryman Press, 2009. On Saying No to Home was published in 2009 by Libraryman Press in Stockholm, Sweden, accompanying the photographs of Frode & Marcus.

EDITOR Nothing Is Left to Tell. By Jeff Kinkle and Emanuel Almborg, Andperseand Press, 2012.

EDITOR The Rest is Silence. By Jeff Kinkle and Emanuel Almborg, Andperseand Press, 2009.

EDITOR Art and Today, by Eleanor Heartney. Phaidon Press, 2008.

EDITOR Andy Warhol Portraits, by Robert Rosenblum, Carter Ratcliff and Tony Shafrazi. Phaidon Press, 2007.